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AJ Castillo Sin Limites

AJ Castillo "Sin Limites" front CD cover
AJ Castillo "Sin Limites" front CD cover

AJ Castillo “Sin Limites” front CD cover

AJ Castillo “Sin Limites” does it again, the dance-able cumbias and the rancheras for the club, the radio, or just while you clean the house. AJ also gets a little help on the vocals from his brother Sergio, David Farias and rapper Chingo Bling. AJ has taken it above and beyond on each subsequent project that he’s released, including singing, his accordion playing, songwriting and even as a producer. AJ ha salso played on a few projects as a studio musician, lending his talents to a few bands.

AJ Castillo’s “Sin Limites” tracklist includes:
01 – Niña (Trón In My System)
02 – Cristina
03 – Dame Tu Amor (featuring David Farias)
04 – Bésame
05 – Ha Terminado
06 – Desde Que Te Bese (featuring Sergio Castillo)
07 – Yo No Sé
08 – Será Difícil (featuring Sergio Castillo)
09 – Cual Sufrir
10 – Esta Noche (featuring Chingo Bling)
Released on Yung Star Records

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First and foremost, father of three wonderful kids that teach me things on the daily! Secondly, I am a fan of music, have been since birth! Played drums since age five. Worked in radio 13+ years, including a tejano station and managed a hip-hop and r&b station (rhythmic) for 5-6 years. I’ve dabbled in a few things, such as: studio engineering, producing music, graphic design and even web development.
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