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David Farias on his own

David Farias

Tejano veteran, David Farias, who has been around for quite a few years, playing accordion in the “family” band, La Tropa F, to Los Hermanos Farias with his brothers John and Joe, to winning a GRAMMY Award with Los TexManiacs and brother in music, Max Baca, is venturing out on his own, with a new band.

“Right now, it’s just David Faris,” said Farias. “I don’t have any more brothers to play with. It’s just me by myself,” Farias said, chuckling. “I wouldn’t say it’s scary, I would say it’s kind of weird, you know. 36 years you’re together with your brothers in a band, now you’re doing everything on your own.” The only hold-over from the former bands: Lee Perez, who is a percussionist in David Farias’ backing band, who has been around since the early days. Los Hermanos Farias disbanded after John had a heart attack last year, and Joe decided to return to La Tropa F. He split from TexManiacs almost two years ago to revive Hermanos Farias.

Farias will play his old hits, conjunto favorites, as well as some new songs from an upcoming album produced by Gilbert Velasquez for VMB Music Group, including a new single, “Cada Beso Que Me Das,” written by producer/bassist Gabriel Zavala. The bouncy tune is easily found on YouTube.

Zavala played on the new record. So did label co-owner drummer Chente Barrera. Farias is preparing to debut it in Monterrey, Mexico next month. It has been 13 years since he performed there.

His relationship with some of his siblings is admittedly strained. It has been for years. His relationship with Baca post-TexManiacs is strong. Their smiling faces grace the giant poster at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant on Fredericksburg Road.

The pair performed together in Austin on Father’s Day. “Every once and awhile, we do a little thing, me and Max together. We do stuff like that. The first thing people think of is me and Max.”

Los TexManiacs recently released a new project entitled: “Americano Groove”

Source: San Antonio Express-News

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