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In The Studio Together With Ricky Valenz

Ricky Valenz, Gilbert Velasquez, Ram Herrera and A.B. Quintanilla in the studio

From the looks of Facebook, there were a few people that are in the studio working together! Apparently, at Velasquez Music Studios, there was some magic happening! Ricky Valenz, A.B. Quintanilla, Ramiro “Ram” Herrera and Gilbert Velasquez shared some pictures on their own respective Facebook accounts suggesting that some music could come out of a “certain situation” that occurred over a slight misunderstanding. Kudos to you gentlemen for letting cooler heads prevail Mr. Valenz and Mr. Quintanilla! That doesn’t happen in this day and age, especially in our music that we call tejano! one thing’s for sure, there were a lot of GRAMMY Awards in the studio!


A.B. Quintanilla and Ricky Valenz in the studio

What we do know is both Ram Herrera and Ricky Valenz are both working on new projects for the newly founded VMB Music Group label. Keep checking back for more information…

*Update* Apparently, the music being worked on is for Ricky Valenz upcoming project and a few tracks will be produced by A.B. Quintanilla and also Multi-GRAMMY Award winning Gilbert Velasquez.

*Another Update* To add a couple of pictures of the studio session(s)

Chente Barrera

Chente Barrera

Chente Barrera & A.B. Quintanilla

Chente Barrera & A.B. Quintanilla


Chris Guerrero, Ricky Valenz, A.B. Quintanilla & Gilbert Velasquez

(from left to right) Chris Guerrero, Ricky Valenz, A.B. Quintanilla & Gilbert Velasquez

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