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Marketing Music using Networking

Marketing Music using Networking

So you want to know how to promote and market your music.

Get out there!  Easier said than done, right.  Well believe it or not it is really simple.  It is as easy as talking to people and using your existing network to leverage opportunities.  Have you heard the saying that there are six degrees of separation? If not think about it this way…

Six Degrees of Separation


Lets say that you wanted to meet the owner of a record label; however, you have no idea how to get a meeting or a way to present your material to the record executive.  Well according to the theory of six degrees of separation if you have any friends at all (if you are a musician and you have no friends, “I apologize for the assumption, but in my opinion find a new line of work.) then it is as simple as asking them if they know anyone in the music industry of the genre you are trying to enter.  This is where marketing music using networking comes into play. Chances are someone knows someone and if not they will know someone that does.  So when it all plays out through six (6) connections of friends of friends you can reach anyone in the world.

Marketing music using networking in the Tejano Industry…

Here is an example of how this would work in the Tejano Industry.  Lets say you are an aspiring musician and wanted to have your music presented to a record label or as simple as seeking a collaboration with a fellow musician.  Then it is really simple for you because, “WE ARE HERE”.  Marketing music using networking is one of our specialties. All you have to do is contact us and we can help you.  There are many services and things we are able to do because of our longtime involvement in the Tejano industry.

Not in the Tejano Industry…

However, lets say you are in a different genre and are here by chance looking for useful information.  Networking in general is a course that could take a longtime to master; however, it is as simple as saying, “Hello”.


Networking is all about connecting together individuals who, have a mutual respect for each other, trust each other, build a lasting relationship, and become a word-of-mouth advertisement for each other.

Remember Always that networking is about authentic and genuine friendship, trust, relationships and realizing how you can help others.

The first rule of Networking is…

You don’t talk about networking…Oops. Sorry about that.
RULE 1: Realize your value and know what you can do to help others.
This rule is extremely powerful. See the idea is that if you live your life seeking to help others reach their goals, they will reciprocate and help you achieve yours.  I believe this is called “The Golden Rule”. It’s funny how that one always seems to come up.  However, it is true if you are genuine and authentic and do your best to help others your gestures will be rewarded.  I mean don’t get me wrong there are some people that will not always reciprocate.  But as the saying goes, “They will get theirs.”  So don’t place the burden on you.  Do onto others what you would want them to do onto you.  Being a friend first is key to any successful networking connection.


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If you would like more information on networking keep your eye on the site.  We will be posting more articles about networking and even tutorials.


Marcelo A. Tafoya Sr. is a business student at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas and has over 25 years in the Tejano Music Industry.
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