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Tejano Invasion Tour to hit Lansing

Saturday, August 15th, the Tejano Invastion Tour looks to be hitting the Lansing, Michigan area! The event will feature Ram “The Most Wanted Man” Herrera, GRAMMY Award winner Vicente “Chente” Barera, Jorge David Marroquin and Ricky Valenz. The Tejano Invasion Tour stop will be taking place at the Causeway Bay Hotel Convention Center. Merchandise will be sold at the event.

Tejano Invasion Tour poster

Tejano Invasion Tour featuring Ram “The Most Wanted Man” Herrera, Grammy Award winning Vicente “Chente” Barrera, Jorge David Marroquin and Ricky Valenz

Pre-sale tickets are available by CLICKING HERE

Don’t forget Ram Herrera’s new project “Mucho Mas Que Amor” is in stores now!

Ricky Valenz will be releasing a new project in the coming weeks.

First and foremost, father of three wonderful kids that teach me things on the daily! Secondly, I am a fan of music, have been since birth! Played drums since age five. Worked in radio 13+ years, including a tejano station and managed a hip-hop and r&b station (rhythmic) for 5-6 years. I’ve dabbled in a few things, such as: studio engineering, producing music, graphic design and even web development.
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