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Tejano Market Research Project

Tejano Market Research Project


tejano market research project

I launched the Tejano Market Research Project.  This project is the first of its kind and the goal of the project is to map out and determine the trajectory of the overall market.  The project will take sometime to complete; however, rolling reports of data will be released in rounds.  The project itself will consist of surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, in-person interviews, phone interviews, heat mapping, market testing, product testing and more.  We will use all three levels of research design to obtain as much accurate data as possible.

The Tejano Market Research Project will begins with an Industry Survey.  This survey is for Industry Insiders and people who live the Tejano business life day-to-day.  We must first understand the perspectives of the people in the industry before we can move forward.  Think of it as a machine.  If you do not understand every process and every function of a machine then how can you optimize its performance?  By rooting out any issues, dispelling myths, and looking at hard facts and pure data we can strengthen ourselves and empower growth in the industry.

Once this initial survey is complete and we have the full cooperation of the Industry we will move on to the Fan Survey.  This survey will be distributed to as many of the Fans in the industry as possible.  With this survey we can learn the how fans perceive the industry and the music and make adjustments to provide the experience and enjoyment that they want and need.

Our ultimate goal is to give the fans what they want and together we can find out how to better serve our fans and grow this genre to the giant it was meant to be.


The Tejano Market Research Project

Please contact me at (remove the [ ] from the @ sign):
Email: info[@]tejano-music.com
Mobile: (512) 373-5064


Marcelo A. Tafoya

Marcelo A. Tafoya Sr. is a business student at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas and has over 25 years in the Tejano Music Industry.
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