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Tejano Music is going to survive!

tejano-going-to-survive-mainHow is Tejano Music going to survive?

We need news and information about Tejano.  Without a central place to find stories about your favorite artists how will you know what is happening?  If you don’t know what is happening in the industry or what is new and exciting…how do you plan to see the industry grow?  Well this site is developed with the Tejano music fan in mind.  We are rebuilding the industry and developing new ways to grow and expand the market.  Our owners have been in the industry for decades and know it from front to back.  Their philosophy is simple, “Sin musica no hay vida!” a quote by the legendary Marcelo H. Tafoya

The brave few…

It was the brilliance of a few DJ’s back in the early days that helped grow Tejano music in what it is today.  Instead of limiting its ability to grow or evolve they sought the change and accepted it.  See in the early days the genre was actually called La Onda Chicana and there was no accordion or bajo allowed.  It was orchestra based which means a lot of brass instruments.  If these disc jockeys were anything like the industry players today the industry would have died fast and hard.  However, in their brilliance they allowed for evolution and accepted the growth.

The Secret…

They knew a secret to success that has been lost on the current industry players… The secret is simply that they had a “Growth Mindset”.  Instead of looking at evolution as a threat or something different they accepted it and it grew.  Moving from brass based only the music evolved to contain electric synthesizers, accordion, bajos, and more.  No longer was it in the realm of the orchestras but it was in the realm of the masses.  From that point on La Onda Tejana was born and breed.

The Proof…

What do you ask is my proof? Well it’s plain and simple.  Look at the music history of Tejano.  Look at the first lifetime achievement award winner at the Tejano Music Awards… The first person to ever win the lifetime achievement award was Mr. Marcelo H. Tafoya.  It was a small group of several DJ’s that forever changed the face of La Onda and it was for the better.  I look forward to the day when the music continues to evolve and our industry becomes the giant that it is.

Marcelo A. Tafoya Sr. is a business student at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas and has over 25 years in the Tejano Music Industry.
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