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VMB Music Group

VMB Music Group

VMB Music Group, owned and operated by Gilbert Velasquez, Jorge Marroquin and Vicente “Chente” Barrera.

When you think of VMB Music Group, the word conglomerate comes to mind. VMB Music Group consists of owners Gilbert Velasquez, Jorge Marroquin and Chente Barrera. Gilbert Velasquez owns and operates Velasquez Music Studios and has either produced, recorded and/or played guitar for pretty much anyone in La Onda Tejana. Jorge Marroquin and Chente Barrera are very talented artists in their own right. Chente being a renowned studio drummer and background vocalist. Gilbert has won 11 GRAMMY Awards and Chente has a GRAMMY under his belt as well. VMB Music Group put out a compilation of artist(s) on it’s roster right before Fan Fair 2015, entitled “VMB Music Group – Play It Loud: Tejano Showcase 2015”

The company has a multitude of artist(s)/bands on it’s roster, including:

Jaime y Los Chamacos
Ramiro “Ram” Herrera
Los Dos Gilbertos
Grupo Anaya
The Hometown Boys
David Farias
La Tropa F
Ricky Valenz
Rio Jordan
Jorge David
Chente Barrera

You can get your copy of the latest from VMB Music Group by clicking on the individual CD Cover:




First and foremost, father of three wonderful kids that teach me things on the daily! Secondly, I am a fan of music, have been since birth! Played drums since age five. Worked in radio 13+ years, including a tejano station and managed a hip-hop and r&b station (rhythmic) for 5-6 years. I’ve dabbled in a few things, such as: studio engineering, producing music, graphic design and even web development.
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